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  1. Can I actually view an item in person before bidding online?
        Certainly. Some of the items listed in our online auctions are stored here at our local auction center and can be viewed at your convenience during our normal business hours. Other items are stored offsite and we have viewing times available. Many auctions will have this info included near the top of the page. If in doubt, please feel free to give us a call and schedule a viewing.

  2. Can I place a maximum bid on an item and let the bidding software bid for me?
        Yes. We use what is called a 'Proxy Bid' system for all of our online auctions. This allows you to place a maximum bid and let the software bid for you up to your maximum. You can also set a higher maximum bid at any time to be sure and win that item you really want.

  3. How, exactly, does the Proxy Bid system work?
        It is quite simple actually. You place a maximum amount that you are willing to bid on an item. That amount is stored in our system to calculate your future bids for you. The actual bid placed on an item will always be the minimum amount required to be the highest bidder on an item up to the maximum bid you enter. For example: If the starting bid on an item in one of our online auctions is $20.00 and you place the first bid on it with a maximum bid amount of $100.00, you will actually only be bidding $20.00 initially. The system will then increase your bid as needed to keep you winning up to your maximum bid. Your bid will never exceed your maximum or be higher than needed to out bid other bidders below that point. If, later, you are outbid — then you can always enter a higher maximum bid.

  4. The site says I have been outbid, but the bid shown is the same bid I placed. How does that happen?
        Our online auctions allow for proxy bids. Another bidder has previously placed a higher (or equal) proxy bid which takes precedence. You must now bid again to try and overcome any addittional proxy bids.

  5. What about sneaky bidders that wait till the last moments of an auction to bid? That doesn't seem fair.
        We agree. To deal with that scenario we use what is called a 'Soft Close' policy on all of our online auctions. Our 'Soft Close' window is 1 minute.

  6. So, how does the 'Soft Close' work? I am not familiar with that term.
        Simple. Our 'Soft Close' window of 1 minute on every auction item means that if any bidder places a bid on an item within 1 minute of the closing time, the auction will be extended an additional 1 minute to give other bidders a chance. Say, for instance, an item ends at exactly 5:00PM and someone bids on it at 4:59PM. The auctions end time will now change to 5:01PM. If then, at 5:00, someone else bids - the end time will now be 5:02PM. With our 'Soft Close' auction policy, bid snipers don't stand a chance!

  7. What if I want to bid on more than 1 item in an auction?
        Many people do. Because of this fact Tryan's Auction Center uses staggered end times for items in the same auction. This means that items will generally end 30 seconds apart to give you time to bid on more than 1 item!

  8. What if I bid on an item (or win it) and then change my mind?
        Placing a bid is a legally binding obligation. If you are the successful Buyer, you agree to pay the amount of your bid plus all applicable taxes and charges in the time and manner designated by the Seller. Failure to make such payment shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement.

  9. I won an auction. What forms of payment does Tryan's Auction Center accept and when / how do I pay?
        Payment of winning bid must be made with-in 24 hours of close of auction. Payment methods include Visa/Mastercard And Bank Guaranteed Checks. Local checks, credit cards, and cash will accepted at Tryans Auction Center

  10. How do I get the items I win - does Tryan's Auction Center Ship stuff to me?
        Shipping will be the responsibility of the successful bidder. Arrangements may be made with Tryan's Auction Center prior to the start of auction.

  11. How can I change my username or password?
        Your User name can not be changed. To change your password you must reset it by clicking the 'Forgot Password?' button at the login screen. You will then have the opportunity to create a new password. Your  other account details such as your address or phone number can be changed by going to your 'Account Details' page.

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